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Constable Pct. 2

These peace officers are the first link in the county's chain of law enforcement.

Along with their deputies, constables have all the enforcement powers of Texas peace officers. They are sometimes referred to as the executive officer of the justice of the peace courts. Their duties are to:

Subpoena witnesses; Act as bailiff; Execute judgments; and Service of process.

In large metropolitan counties the constable may also assist the county and district courts. In addition, they may perform patrol functions and make criminal investigations. They are involved in the overall effort to reduce the effects of crime in their communities, including in some cases the operation of truancy programs.


constable pct 2

Precinct 2

Joe Don Law
Forney SubCourthouse
200 E. Main
Forney, TX 75126


Joe Don Law has been in Law enforcement since 1987, he holds a  Master  Peace Officer License, a T.C.L.E.O.S.E. instructor Certificate and has an Associates Degree in Business Management.

Constable Joe Don Law served with the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Dept. as a patrol Deputy and left as a Sergeant over Crime Scene Investigation. In June of 2004, Mr. Law was appointed as the Constable of Pct.2., and later was elected Constable of Pct. 2 in 2005.

In an effort to keep up with the rapid growth of Pct. 2, Constable Law was able to hire the first paid Deputy Constable in Kaufman County, and in 2006 he was the first to bring in a Reserve Constable to assist in the delivery of process, execution of judgments, a Bailiff Justice of the Peace Court and to also address citizen traffic control complaints in Pct. 2.

A major accomplishment made since Constable Law has been in office is the “STAR” program (Start Today Accepting your Responsibilities). This Juvenile community service program is administered and maintained by the constable’s office with assistance from the J.P. Court Staff. The program is designed for Class C Misdemeanor offenders to complete court ordered community service constructively. The program started in December 2005 and at the end of June 2007, more than 220 juveniles (ages 10-23) have been through the “STAR” program completing over 3600 hours of work in the Kaufman county, municipality, governmental and non-profit projects. No offender has washed a police or fire vehicle. The program has been 97% successful, from issuance of citation to tour of County Jail to enhance self esteem of Juveniles in constructive projects. The “STAR” program has been awarded “2006 Best Practice Award by the Texas Association of Counties” and was the Feature article in May/June 2007 County Magazine and was also recognized by House Resolution 472 of the 80 th Legislative session of the State of Texas.


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      Kaufman County Courthouse, 100 West Mulberry, Kaufman, Tx 75142 972-932-4331