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Financial Transparency

Kaufman County values financial accountability.  The information and documents contained on this page supports our goals of transparent government, good stewardship and open communication.


Adopted Budget  
Budget 2012-2013 Budget 2013-2014
Budget 2011-2012 Budget 2014-2015
Budget 2010-2011 Budget 2015-2016
Budget 2009-2010 Budget 2016-2016
Annual Financial Report (CAFR)  
CAFR Report 2011 CAFR Report 2012
CAFR Report 2010 CAFR Report 2013
CAFR Report 2009 CAFR Report 2014
CAFR Report 2008 CAFR Report 2015
Check Register  
Register 2012 Register 2013
Register 2011 Register 2014
Register 2010 Register 2015
Register 2009 Register 2016
Check Register Payroll  
Register 2012 Register 2014
Register 2013 Register 2015
  Register 2016
Interim Financial Report  
FY2015 Q1 : FY2015 Q2
FY2015 Q3 : FY2015 Q4
FY2016 Q1 : FY2016 Q2
FY2016 Q3 : FY2016 Q3
County Officials Directory Property Tax Rates
Financial Sustainability
(Bond Debt, Credit Rating)
Debt Transparency Pledge
Auditor's Quarterly Reports Auditor's Monthly Reports
FY2016 Q2 : FY2016 Q3 Report 2016

Congratulations on your success in implementing financial transparency and receiving a Leadership Circle Award for a third year. As the regional representative for your region, I am pleased to inform you that Kaufman County has earned a Platinum Leadership Circle Award. State Comptroller of Texas.






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