Office of Emergency Management


The Office of Emergency Managment coordinates and prepares for the response and recovery to disasters that occur in Kaufman County. Emergency Management requires that all levels of government, as well as other organization in both the private and public sectors, work together collaboratively to coordinate their emergency management plans.

5 Steps Of Emergency Management

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5 steps of EM

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History of Kaufman County Emergency Managment

The Office of Emergency Management was established in 1989 pursuant to the Texas Government Code Section 418 and the Texas Administrative Code Title 37 Part 1 Chapter 7. The first Emergency Management Coordinator, Don Lindsey Sr. was appointed by County Judge Maxine Darst that same year. Don served as the County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, as well as Fire Marshal, until 1999 when Kathy Morris assumed the position of Emergency Management Coordinator upon Don’s retirement. Kathy served as Emergency Management Coordinator until October 2010 when Steve Howie took over the job as our current EMC.

 The original Emergency Management Plan was all of five pages long and now today’s Plan is some 1897 pages in length. It encompasses many types of disasters that were not even thought of when the department began, such as terrorism, cyber attacks, and mass fatalities to name a few. The original basic plan has also evolved and is now a Texas Division of Emergency Management approved Advanced level plan.

 The Office itself has grown from being a part time position in another department receiving attention only when a disaster occurred to a full time office with three full time employees. The office itself has been recognized regionally as one of knowledge, dedication, and integrity.