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Certificate of OSSF Requiring Maintenance



  3. According to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Rules for On-Site Sewage Facilities, this document is filed in the Deed Records of Kaufman County, Texas. 

  4. Part I

    The Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 366 authorizes the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to regulate on-site sewage facilities (OSSFs). Additionally, the Texas Water code (TWC), § 5.012 and § 5.013, gives the TCEQ primary responsibility for implementing the laws of the State of Texas relating to water and adopting rules necessary to carry out its powers and duties under the TWC. The TCEQ, under the authority of the TWC and the Texas Health and Safety Code, requires owner’s to provide notice to the public that certain types of OSSFs are located on specific pieces of property. To achieve this notice, the TCEQ requires a deed recording. Additionally, the owner must provide proof of the recording to the OSSF permitting authority. This deed certification is not a representation or warranty by the TCEQ of the suitability of this OSSF, nor does it constitute and guarantee by the TCEQ that the appropriate OSSF was installed. 

  5. Part II

    An OSSF requiring a maintenance contract, according to 30 Texas Administrative Code § 285.91 (12) will be installed on the property as described as: (enter legal description of property) 

  6. The property is owned by: This OSSF must be covered by a continuous maintenance contract. All maintenance on this OSSF must be performed by an approved maintenance company, and a signed maintenance contract must be submitted to Kaufman County within 30 days after the property has been transferred. The owner will, upon any sale or transfer of the above-described property, request a transfer of the permit for the OSSF to the buyer or new owner. A copy of the planning materials for the OSSF can be obtained from Kaufman County. 

  7. WITNESS BY HAND(S) ON THIS____________DAY OF___________________________ , ____________. 

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  10. SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME ON THIS _________ DAY OF_____________________ , _______. 

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     Notary Public, State of Texas

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