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  • An image of a windmill and a round bale of hay resting in a field of tall green grass.
  • An image of a field full of cotton ready to harvest.
  • An image of three stunning horses grazing side by side near a pond.
  • An image of a very large irrigation system on some newly plowed crop.
  • An image of an old windmill as seen through a barbed wire fence.
  • An image of teh Terrell water tower all lit up at night on US 80.
  • An image of timelapse car tail lights whisking by the shops in old downtown Forney.
  • An image of single stem flowers with the golden water of the lake in the background.
  • A dusky yellow and gold image of the sun setting on Cedar Creek Lake.
  • An image of a rustic old barn with the roof painted as a bright Texas flag.
  • A black and white image of the green and white Kaufman County Line sign on east US 175..
  • An image of the welcome wall along US 175 as you enter Crandall.
  • An image of the shops on the Kaufman Square.
  • An image of the Historic Kaufman County Courthouse on Mulberry Street.
  • An image of the historic downtown Forney with the word Forney in the brick pavement.
  • A closeup of a patch of bluebonnets.
  • An image of the old red brick and rustic wood Rosser train depot.
  • An image of a rustic barn wall graced by stunning bluebonnets.
  • An image of a field of a solar panel farm.
  • A stunning image of a lone horse grazing in a pasture of green grass.
  • A tunnel canopy of beautiful green trees lines a county road.
  • A Herford baby cow gives a startled look straight at the camera.
  • A white City of Combine water tower against a blue, cloudy sky.
  • A beautiful sunset behind a farmhouse in a Kaufman County field.
  • A line of American Flags waving in the wind in front of Kaufman City Hall
  • Grazing horses in an open field

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