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Commissioners’ Court Approves Sheriff Sub Station

Forney ISD Donates Land Near North Forney High School

Kaufman County, TX –Through a creative partnership with the Forney Independent School
District, Kaufman County will soon begin construction on a new Sheriff Sub Station on the west
side of the county in Forney.
The proposed 9,780 square foot sub station will be located near North Forney High School on
15 acres of land donated by the Forney Independent School District and ground is expected to
be broken within the next 60 days. Construction is estimated to take approximately 18 months
with a 2025 opening.
“Not only will this facility allow us to expand our law enforcement presence in this fast-growing
northwest section of the county, but it will become a cutting-edge law enforcement training
facility for generations to come,” Kaufman County Sheriff Bryan Beavers said. “We are so
grateful to Forney ISD for the generous land donation and willingness to provide a learning
environment for those wanting to enter a law enforcement career. “
The substation will be funded from the facility bond fund at an estimated cost of $6.6 million
and will be constructed by Gallagher Construction and HOK Architects, the architects and
construction contractors who built the Kaufman County Pet Adoption Center and the soon-tobe-completed Justice Center on U.S. 175 in Kaufman. Johnson Volk and the Forney ISD civil
engineers were also involved in the initial phase of the project approval.
“This is an incredible opportunity to partner with Kaufman County and have this facility right
next to some of our schools. Safety is always a top priority,” Forney ISD Superintendent Justin
Terry said. “Having a law enforcement presence in our school communities is so important
when it comes to safety and security.”
State Representative Keith Bell attended Tuesday’s Commissioners’ Court meeting to
congratulate all involved with this dynamic partnership.
“I am here to commend all involved with this interlocal governmental partnership that is going
to benefit not only the Forney community, but all of Kaufman County,” Keith Bell, State
Representative said. “When you see these kinds of partnerships occur with the taxpayers’
money, whether elected or not as we are all taxpayers, it is great! This is a win-win for
The Sheriff Substation will be designed to house classroom space for workforce development
under the leadership of the Forney ISD Career Education and Technology (CET) program. There
will also be law enforcement training opportunities available at this location.
“It’s going to be a great day for the Sheriff’s Office, having the opportunity to better service the
public in the northwestern area of Kaufman County where our growth is,” Sheriff Beavers said.
“Also, hopefully working with the schools in training those who want to come work in the jail
side and also those who seek a career in law enforcement.”
Superintendent Terry agreed adding, “How exciting is it that with the continued need for future
law enforcement with the growth that we have, that we will be able to grow our own, right
here through this partnership.”