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County Celebrates Road Bond Projects

Residents along Colquitt Road and Samuels Road in Precinct 3 and dignitaries gathered on Thursday, December 9 to celebrate the completion of the reconstruction of both roads and two bridges that were a part of the 2019 Bond program. In 2019, Kaufman County voters overwhelmingly supported more than $104 million in road improvements, and many of those roads are in Precinct 3, which includes Terrell.

Terrell Mayor Rick Carmona and Terrell Chamber of Commerce President Carlton Tidwell joined Precinct 3 Commissioner Terry Barber and County Judge Hal Richards during the ceremony to recognize the commitment to delivering quality road projects while making the most of the bond funds available.

This ceremony was the first of four ribbon cutting ceremonies in Precinct 3 that will happen in the upcoming months. The next scheduled Ribbon Cutting will celebrate the completion of County Road 243 on Tuesday, December 21 at 10 a.m. at The Sand Box (Terrell Sand & Recycling) at 18420 Co Rd 243.

Colquitt and Samuels Roads were built simultaneously and took approximately seven months to complete. The projects began in August 2020, and were completed in March 2021. The Colquitt Road section of the project involved a complete reconstruction of the 2.75-mile road and the replacement of a bridge and culverts. The 2.37-mile Samuels Road section of the project also included the complete reconstruction of the asphalt road and replacement of a decades old wooden bridge. The combined approximate cost of these two projects, which were funded through the 2019 bond funds, was just over $2.058 million.

In the coming weeks, Precinct 3 will also celebrate the completion of three more bond projects which include FM 243 (see details above), 322, and 346. Dates and locations are to be determined.