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County Hosts Region 3 Indigent Health Care Meeting

Seventeen members of the Region 3 County Indigent Health Care organization met at the Kaufman County Library on Thursday, September 15, 2022 for a day full of presentations from many local experts.

Hosted by Desiree Pool, Kaufman County Indigent Health Care Director, this meeting was more than just networking. Speakers included a welcome from County Judge Hal Richards who was followed by the program listed below:

Kasey Smith, Carevide – Community Based Healthcare

Bethanne Keating, Parkland Hospital – Out of County Programs

Monique Jarvis and Carol Tapia, ECI – Reimbursement Specialists

Tiffani Followwell, Emergency Management – Kaufman County Emergency Preparedness

Karen Badgley, Kaufman County District Attorney’s Office – Communication with County Indigent Health Care

Pictured above are:

Front Row from left to right
Desiree Pool- Kaufman County Indigent Health Care Director
Liliana Soto-Kaufman County Eligibility Coordinator
Lupe Soltero-Grayson County Eligibility Specialist
Middle Row from left to right:
Josey Cole-Conifer Health Solutions Director, Eligibility & Enrollment
Services Revenue Cycle Management
Tame Corson-Grayson County Eligibility Specialist
April Stewart-Carevide LVN, Practice Manager
Angela Duncan-Henderson County Indigent Health and Mental Health
Dayna Forman-Rockwall County Indigent Health Care Director
Monique Jarvis-Director of Hospital Services with Eligibility Consultants
Back Row from left to right:
Robert Dozier-Conifer Health Solutions
Richard Olson-Conifer Health Solutions
Ali Farmer-Grayson County Program Manager
Tobi Edwards-Limestone County Indigent Health Care Director
Isabel Rodriguez-Denton County Indigent Health Care Program
Sheryl Childs-Henderson County Indigent Health Care Coordinator
Carol Tapia-Senior Vice President of Hospital Services and Operations
for Eligibility Consultants Inc.
Terri Klein-Ellis County Indigent Health Care Director