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County Welcomes New Engineer

New County Engineer Now on Board
Kaufman County, TX – Garrett Moore, hit the ground running in Kaufman County as the new County Engineer in July, and will be in the Development Services Department doing all things Engineering.
“We are so excited to have an engineer on our staff,” said Monique Hunter, Development Services Director. “There are so many issues that require an engineer’s review, and we will enjoy having that expertise level on staff.”
Garrett graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After graduating Garrett took a job in Tucson, Arizona where he worked as the Traffic Control Engineer for the massive Interstate-10 expansion project. After working in Tucson for eight months Garrett returned to Texas to take a job with MWH Constructors in Grand Prairie. There, Garrett was a project engineer overseeing the installation of mechanical equipment for a wastewater treatment plant. Altogether, Garrett has more than four years of experience working in the construction industry.
“While working for Kaufman County, I hope to provide the best service I can to help improve the lives of the residents of Kaufman County,” Garrett said. “Being the third fastest-growing county in the nation will certainly have its challenges, but those are opportunities I am ready to experience.”
Garrett can be reached by email at countyengineer@kaufmancounty.net and offices in the Development Services office at 106 W. Grove Street in Kaufman, across from the County Courthouse.