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Henderson/Kaufman County Line Affirmed

A decades-long misinterpretation of the southern boundary of Kaufman County bordering Henderson County was clarified this month in correspondence from the State of Texas, General Land Office (GLO). After more than two years of Kaufman County’s historical research, document review and consultations with the office of the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, the Deputy Director of the GLO Surveying Services wrote that the area in question is, in fact, not a part of Kaufman County, as is illustrated and confirmed in state records and archives.

Residents and property owners in the area in question, which is approximately six miles long and 1,200 ft. south of the original line, can now correctly call Henderson County their county of residence, and will no longer pay taxes, or have their roads maintained by Kaufman County. Kaufman County will continue to provide emergency services and allow all voters to remain on the voter rolls until Henderson County fully adopts these residents.

The county line was affirmed as official this month as depicted in the still current, January 1942 GLO working maps of Kaufman County. Responsibility for county services was informally adjusted over the years by Kaufman County and Henderson Counties through periodic adjustment of responsibilities to provide some continuity of service to the area.

Today’s modern mapping technology and increased county budgetary oversight now requires that the correct and formal interpretation of the true county line be formalized. State law forbids counties from expending road and bridge funds in another county, city or on private property. As such, responsibility for this portion of Henderson County is now being formerly relinquished by Kaufman County to Henderson County in accordance with Kaufman County Commissioners’ Court Resolutions in 1986 and again in 2020.

County Line Road (CR 4044) has increasingly deteriorated due to minimal maintenance while this evolving issue was researched and addressed by Kaufman County and its Precinct 4 Commissioner’s Office. This decision clears the way for Henderson County to assume road and bridge operations, voter registration, emergency services support and all other normal county services and obligations to the impacted area.

Upon receipt of the GLO letter affirming that the land in question is factually not in Kaufman County, officials began the process of notifying Henderson County officials, residents, property owners, and affected agencies of the General Land Office’s County Line Affirmation. Those agencies include County Appraisal Districts, the Emergency Services Districts, the Sheriffs’ Offices, the Councils of Governments, the Tax Assessor Collectors’ Offices, and the Kemp Independent School District.
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1841 Kaufman County Map. See the southern border line in red.
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