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Historical Remnant Gifted to County

Kaufman County was founded more 174 years ago in 1848 and recently the County became the recipient of an amazing display of its history. An Historical Records Display, now displayed in a luxurious frame, was presented to the County on August 10, 2021 at Commissioners’ Court meeting. This 5′ X 3′ shadow box frame of a book cover and spine of an Historical Record book from the early 1900’s, is displayed side-by-side with the same type of Records book from 2020 to contrast the age difference between the two document covers. This framed historical gift will be proudly displayed in a public location to be announced. Representatives from KoFile, the County’s software records management consultant, made the presentation to County Clerk Laura Hughes and Commissioners during the meeting. Pictured are: back row, left to right: County Commissioners Mike Hunt, Pct. 1; Skeet Phillips, Pct. 2; Terry Barber, Pct. 3; Ken Cates, Pct. 4. Bottom row: County Clerk Laura Hughes; County Judge Hal Richards; KoFile Representative.