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What Is An Emergency Services District?

Terrell High School Multi-Meida Students Produce Educational Video for County

The Terrell High School multi-media students, under the instruction of Michael Arndt, Arts and A/V Instructor, have partnered with Kaufman County to produce a series of educational videos explaining what an Emergency Services District does and in a creative way, tell the story of the importance of ESDs, especially to those living in one. Please watch this 2-minute video intro produced by Michael Arndt, Terrell High School AV Instructor and narrated by Ray Dunlap, Terrell Economic Development Corporation President. Immediately following the intro is a 1:30 minute video produced by Hunter McGary, THS senior. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO.

Volunteer Fire Departments throughout Kaufman County within these Emergency Service Districts are the first responders who are there for you 24/7 if you do not live within a city limit. When you dial 911, they will be there to respond to emergencies, fires and medical emergencies . . .without pay. Why? Because that’s who they are. Volunteers who want to make a difference.

Next time you see a volunteer firefighter or paramedic, make sure you thank them for their dedication to keeping Kaufman County residents safe.

You may also contact one of the ESDs in Kaufman County to sign up as a volunteer firefighter, or to make a donation to their operations.

For more information,, the numbers to each Volunteer Fire Department in Kaufman County CLICK HERE.