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Kaufman County Partners With High School Multi-Media Classes

Kaufman County, TX – Kaufman County has launched a partnership with Terrell High School to promote county activities and programs while providing opportunities for students in the multi-media classes to put their videography skills to the test and help prepare them for the “real world” upon graduation.

“This partnership allows the students to experience video production on a whole new level,” said Michael Arndt, Arts and A/V Instructor at Terrell High School. “This goes beyond school activities and allows students to get a feel for how projects in a professional setting will be. These videos bring a more personable meaning to the students because they will get outside exposure as their videos are posted and featured on many different platforms, including social media, the county’s website, and with local media.”

The premiere project involved a series of videos that define what County Emergency Service Districts (ESDs) are and how they fund and support volunteer fire departments in rural areas of the county. The students spent an afternoon with members of four local volunteer fire departments and members of ESD #3 which covers most of the area surrounding Terrell. Their videos explain that residents living within a city are covered by city fire departments, but those living outside of a city must rely on volunteer fire departments for emergency response. ESDs are oversee the funding of these volunteer fire departments through a special tax levied on the property owners within that ESD. Those funds are designed to cover the costs of equipment and apparatus such as fire engines and ambulances. These videos will help residents understand the ESD functions.

The second video project included a series of animal-filled videos promoting the new Kaufman County Pet Adoption Center which opened in April 2022. As the county and the Pet Adoption Center operators, the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT), cut the ribbon on this new facility, the students were there to capture the ceremony, shoot video, and conduct interviews that will regularly be posted throughout the year on the county’s website and social media platforms.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the Humane Society of North Texas’s lifesaving work in the Kaufman County community,” said Susan Gulig, President HSNT. “Making it even more special is getting to work alongside Terrell high school students which has proven to be beneficial to both the pets in our care and the students working towards their credits. Whether it be videography, photography, or the veterinary program, we are excited about having the opportunity to work with these talented students. The Humane Society of North Texas is looking forward to a bright future in Kaufman County.”

The multi-media students will continue to work with HSNT as they will periodically provide “glamour” shots and video clips of the animals at the center to promote their adoption. These projects will also be a valuable addition to the students’ portfolios.

“This partnership with Terrell High School is a huge bonus to us, as well as to the students,” said County Judge Hal Richards. “They will be able to demonstrate that they can perform in a ‘real world’ setting, and the county will reap the benefits of using their quality productions in our marketing and public education efforts. We strongly support career development for all students in Kaufman County and this program is just one way to accomplish that.”

The student partnership program will expand to other high schools in the county beginning in the fall of 2022 after the summer break. Along with Terrell High School, the media classes in Kaufman, Forney, Kemp, Mabank, Crandall and Scurry-Rosser are already pursuing the opportunity to partner with Kaufman County to provide video productions, photography and marketing collateral. Any projects produced by students in this program will be properly accredited to the appropriate high school as they are posted.  

The videos from the two premiere Terrell High School projects are available now for viewing on the Kaufman County YouTube Channel at

These videos are also available for viewing on the county’s social media platforms at the links below:

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