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URGENT: Report Damages From Severe Storms/Flooding

The Office of Emergency Management urges residents who suffered property damage because of flooding are strongly urged to report damages, along with images and video, to the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s (TDEM) website.

“This is a very urgent matter,” said Steve Howie, Kaufman County Emergency Management Coordinator. “If residents do not report damages, there will be no way for them or anyone else to receive any type of emergency funding relief. We must have at least 25 reports of uninsured or underinsured property damage in the County, or there won’t even be a chance of receiving relief funding.”

Reports may be filed by clicking on the link below that accesses the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s iStat website for reporting damage. Simply point your phone at the QR code and then click the link that pops up. This link will take you to the site where you can report damage and even upload photos or videos. There are instructional videos on that site, and the Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management is available to assist residents with navigating the damage assessment tool if needed.

Click HERE to get the QR code, then point your phone at that code. The link to the reporting site will appear. Click that link and find the line for storm damage and file your report along with your images or videos.

The deadline for reporting damages is September 1, 2022. The sooner you can get the information entered the sooner we can get the necessary declarations made. Judge Hal Richards has already issued a declaration for Kaufman County.

For assistance in navigating the TDEM site, please contact the Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management at 469-376-4163.