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What is Emergency Management? THIS is Emergency Management in Kaufman County!

The Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management is not just here to monitor severe weather. We do so much more that just that. Watch this introduction video to find out what Emergency Management is all about! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO.

There are four phases of Emergency Management:

  • Preparedness – where we teach the public how to be aware of the weather and to be responsible for their own safety by monitoring weather events through a multitude of sources;
  • Response – where we closely monitor weather events through radar, communications with our partners such as the National Weather Service (NWS) and surrounding counties, initiating the ENS if necessary, etc.;
  • Recovery – which is where we survey the damage, call the Red Cross and other agencies to help the citizens, Clear roads and debris and many, many other things;
  • Mitigation – look for ways to minimize or negate the threat from any given disaster. We apply these phases to weather and many other natural and man-made disasters in our county.

For more information, contact Steve Howie, Emergency Management Coordinator at