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Procedures and Fees


To automate and streamline the brand registration process, the Clerk’s office has incorporated several new avenues that the public can use to renew their brands. For online review and searching, we have put the brands on our public records website, www.countygovernmentrecords.com.

In addition, we have also placed a fill in the blank Brand Application form on our county website, see below. By utilizing this form, the applicant can complete the registration process in four easy steps: fill in the application, print it out, draw their brand, and bring the application to the County Clerk’s office, thereby saving the time required at the counter.

If online access is not possible, the Clerk’s office will be able to search the database for a previously filed brands and capture the data to complete the new form. After that, the only thing that the owner will have to do is to verify the information, draw in the brand and sign the form. By utilizing the latest technology, the re-registration process should go much quicker and be easier for everyone involved.

Brands applications and renewals can be filed at the Kaufman Courthouse in the County Clerk’s Office Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The Courthouse is located at 100 W. Mulberry Kaufman TX.

Applicable Fees

Cattle Brand fees are $26.00 per mark per location with an additional fee of $5.00 for each additional location on that animal. I.e.: Left hip of Cattle is $26.00, adding a location on the left shoulder would be $5.00 additional, for a total of $31.00.