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County Clerk Questions

How should we handle similar brands?

If a party comes in to register a brand, which the clerk feels is too similar to a brand currently registered, the clerk has the right/authority to refuse to register that brand. It is the clerk’s duty to make sure duplicate brands are not registered in the same location on an animal.

How do I handle a dispute over the rightful owner of a brand?

The party who has registered or used the brand the longest has ownership of the brand.

How often should I send in the brand registrations?

You may submit brands daily or weekly, but no later than 30 days from the time registered.

Records may be sent to TSCRA several ways:

  1. E-mail scanned forms to
  2. Fax forms to 817-887-4402
  3. Mail to TSCRA offices
  4. Electronic Records (spreadsheets, etc.) may be submitted to TSCRA. For more information, contact TSCRA.
  5. Some software providers now offer Automated Transfer of brand records to TSCRA. For more information, contact TSCRA or your service provider.
  • TSCRA stores these records electronically.
    Records may be searched by name, county, brand or other criteria.
    Through TSCRA, county clerks and sheriff’s offices will also have access to a searchable brand