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Searches and Copies

Court records maintained by the County Clerk (except for Mental Health and Juvenile) are available for inspection by the public at no charge;

however, there are fees for copies and/or certification of facts performed by the County Clerk as follows:

  • Plain copies $1.00 per page
  • Certified copies $5.00 for certification plus $1.00 per page
  • Certification of Facts $5.00 (results of search without copies)

Requests for copies and/or searches may be made in person or by mail accompanied by the following (Search will be conducted only on the name as provided by the requesting party):

  • Misdemeanor Criminal cases: (a) Name of person charged; (b) date of offense or conviction (within a 10 year period); and (c) type of offense (if known).
  • Probate cases: (a) Name of deceased and (b) approximate date of death.
  • Guardianship cases: (a) Name of person for whom guardianship would have been established and (b) approximate date of filing within a 10 year period.
  • Applicable fees, as shown above, must accompany request, (Refunds will be made in the event of overpayment.)
  • Return address for mailing of requested information.

Please send requests by mail to:

Court Department
Kaufman County Clerk
100 W. Mulberry
Kaufman, TX 75142