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Probate and Guardianship and Forms

What needs to be E-Filed prior to hearings on probate and guardianship matters?

  • A. All orders, oaths, and proofs are to be E-Filed three days prior to the hearing on all probate and guardianship matters. You may also purchase letters prior to the hearing for $2.00 each or purchase them after the hearing. (note: if the letters are purchased before the hearing, the Clerk’s will already have them prepared in most cases after the prove-up)

How do I set a hearing?

  • To set a cause for prove up or a filed motion for a hearing, please contact the court administrator at mwebster@kaufmancounty.net.

How are documents filed through E-File Texas on probate and guardianship cases?

  • A. All documents are to be E-Filed as “lead documents”.

To whom does the bonding company make a bond to, if needed?

  • Kaufman County Court at Law 2, Judge Bobby Rich

Are Rider Bonds accepted?

  • Rider Bonds will not be accepted. Only CPI or Corporate Bonds will be accepted.

How will the Attorney Ad Litem be Compensated?

  • $450.00 Attorney Ad litem fee will be compensated from the initial filing fees (when application is originally filed) If the ad litem feels as if he/ she should be compensated more for their time, the applying attorney will need to agree to the set fee on the record at the time of


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