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County Treasurer

County Treasurer: Chuck Mohnkern

In Texas, county government delivers services through a variety of elected officials rather than through one central authority. The Texas Constitution provides a checks and balances system in which none of the county’s elected officials is controlled by any other elected official; they answer only to the voters.

The Texas Constitution, Article XVI, Section 44; Local Government Code of the State of Texas Chapter 83, Chapters 111 – 117 and Chapter 155 provide for a County Treasurer and prescribe the duties as Chief Custodian of County Finance.  The County Treasurer is charged with the safekeeping and investing of county funds. This includes the maintenance and reconciliation of all checking accounts under the care of the county treasurer and the disbursement of funds.

The following are among the duties of the Kaufman County Treasurer:

  • Receives and deposits all county revenues
  • Acts as chief liaison between the county and depository banks
  • Prepares the payroll
  • Disburses funds upon the order of the Commissioners Court
  • Records receipts and expenditures and reconciles bank statements
  • Is designated as the county’s investment officer and is required to submit regular reports on county finance to the members of the Commissioners Court
  • Statutory supervisor of unclaimed property under $100 for Kaufman County
  • Custodian of Sheriff’s bail bond collateral
  • Serves as Treasurer of the Kaufman County Historical Commission
  • Serves on the Kaufman County Bail Bond Board


Kaufman County Annex
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Office:  469-376-4575

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