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Did You Know?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that Kaufman County is provided a renewal maintenance contract 30 days prior to expiration, Health and Safety Code 366.

There is a $25.00 renewal fee per year for the renewal maintenance contract. This fee may be included in the contract renewal fee from your maintenance company. Please ensure the fee is paid to Kaufman County Public Works, either by you or your maintenance company with a copy of the renewal maintenance contract.

Your maintenance company must sign and date your tag at each visit/inspection. Health and Safety Code 366. Contact our office if you do not have a signature and date on your tag.

Your maintenance company must provide you a copy of your inspection report within 14 days of inspection. Date and inspector should match the signature and date on your tag. Health and Safety Code 366, 285.91 (b). Contact our office if you have not received your inspection report within 14 days of date on your tag.


The approved chlorine for treatment is calcium hypochlorite. Do not use swimming pool chlorine or stabilized chlorine. Using incorrect chlorine or mixing calcium hypochlorite with any other type of chlorine can create hazardous conditions. Available at most major hardware stores.


Ants are destructive. They will cause damage to your mechanical equipment. Please treat for ants.