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Outdoor Burning

When Kaufman County is under a Burn Ban, brush piles and burn barrels cannot be burned.

Please contact Kaufman County Dispatch @ 469-376-4500 prior to determining if a Burn Ban is in effect.

Brush Piles

Brush, branches, limbs, leaves and unpainted or untreated lumber are the only items that can be burned on open ground when there is not a burn ban. All other items must be disposed of at an approved solid waste site.

  • Please contact Kaufman County dispatch to burning brush piles.
  • Provide your name, phone number and location of burning
  • Brush burning is to be performed after sunrise and cease before sunset.
  • Perform any necessary precautions to ensure a safe fire.
  • All fires should be monitored throughout the entire burn and it is recommended that a
    cell phone be available to call 911 in the event of a fire getting out of control.

Burn Barrels

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality allows the burning of common household trash that is generated at a residence and burned at that residential property, ONLY IF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET:

  • The common household trash is burned in a barrel and in a safe area.
  • The barrel has a screen on top that is capable of suppressing sparks and embers.
  • A water hose or other sufficient water source is readily available to extinguish the fire.
  • The fire is monitored by an adult the entire time of burning.
  • The smoke emitted from the barrel must not create any negative effects to a residence or other sensitive receptor such as livestock barns, greenhouses, or businesses.
  • The barrel is taken to an approved solid waste site when it becomes full of ash and is no
    longer usable. It is illegal to bury a burn barrel on your own property.

Solid Waste Sites

For a complete set of rules, please refer to the rules set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Chapter 111, Subchapter B, Outdoor Burning at: or call your regional TCEQ Office at 817-588-5800.