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Pretrial Bond Supervision Department

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Pretrial Bond Supervision Department is to promote pretrial justice and provide accurate and timely information to assist the Judicial Officers in Kaufman County with making informed pretrial release decisions and to monitor defendants on bond, in an effort to promote compliance with court orders, court appearances, and to promote public safety.

Core Values and Beliefs:

∙ Our interaction with defendants is fair, flexible, and consistent.

∙ Services are performed with the highest level of accountability, integrity, and professionalism.

∙ Enhancing public safety through conditional release options and supervision.

∙ Proactive, innovative, and ethical approach in administrating services.

∙ Commitment to overall efficiency through teamwork, as demonstrated through positive interactions with colleagues and defendants, and a dedication to collaboration and cooperation.

∙Providing appropriate supervision and pro-social interventions to defendants released into the community.

∙ Creating a culture of transparency, trust, and respect that promotes confidence in the organization’s character and competence.


Kaufman County Pretrial Bond Supervision Department

3003 S. Washington Street

Kaufman, Texas 75142


Johnny White – Pretrial Bond Supervision Officer

Office: (469) 376-4749

Fax: (469) 595-0689


Katie Thomas – Assistant Pretrial Bond Supervision Officer

Office: (469) 376-4103

Fax: (469) 595-0689