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1. Do I have to have my voter registration card to vote?

No, you do not need your voter registration card to vote. However, you must provide some form of identification, such as your driver’s license or Texas ID.

2. How do I register to vote in Kaufman County?

You will need to complete a Voter Registration application and turn it into our office. Additionally, we can send you the form by mail, or you can pick one up at our office.

3. Where do I send my Voter Registration Application?

Tandi Smith, Elections Administrator

PO Box 1347, Kaufman, Texas 75142

4. I turn 18 after the deadline date, but before Election Day. Can I register and vote in the election?

You can register up to 60 days before you turn 18. You must submit your Voter Registration application 30 days prior to the deadline.

5. Can I transfer my registration from my old county?

No, you must complete a new Voter Registration application each time you change counties.

6. Do I need to re-register every time I move?

You do not need to register again if you are a current Kaufman County resident, however, you do need to change your address with our office each time you move. You can use the back of your Kaufman County voter registration certificate to change your new address within the county. Put the correct information on the certificate, sign it, and send it to our office. If you are currently registered outside of Kaufman County, you will need to complete a new application for Kaufman County.

7. How can I get a new voter registration card?

You will need to contact our office and we will print you a new certificate.

Tandi Smith, Elections Administrator
PO Box 1347, Kaufman, Texas 75142
(469) 376-4595

8. Can I vote by mail?

Voting by mail is restricted. You are entitled to vote by mail if you are over 65 years old, disabled, incarcerated, or will be out of the county on Election Day. If you vote by mail due to absence from the county, your ballot must be mailed from an out-of-county address.

9. Can I vote at my new precinct or do I have to drive all the way to my old precinct to vote?

If you moved within the county and did not change your address prior to the 30 day deadline date, you must vote at your old precinct. In this situation, it may be advantageous for you to vote early at the Early Voting location most convenient to you.

10. Can I bring my mailed ballots in instead of mailing them to you?

Should you choose not to mail your ballot you have the following options:

  1. You, may bring your ballot to our office on Election Day. (Be sure to bring your photo ID)
  2. If you receive a ballot by mail and decide not to use that method of voting, you may  bring your ballot to the voting location and surrender it to the poll worker prior to voting in person.

11. I live in another county, can I vote here?

No, you will need to vote in the county where you live.

12. I’ve recently moved, can I vote in the next election?

Yes, however, your voting options will be different depending on your circumstance. If you are currently registered in Kaufman County, you may vote. If you are currently registered in another Texas county, you will have to vote a limited ballot at the main Early Voting location in Kaufman during the Early Voting time period. If you are not registered in Texas, you can vote a provisional ballot. The Early Voting ballot board will review your affidavit and make a decision on whether or not to count your ballot.

13. Can I bring my sample ballot to the polls?

Yes, you can bring any material with you, but please remember to take it with you when you leave the voting station.

14. What is a provisional ballot?

A provisional ballot is used when a person presents themselves for voting but due to circumstances, cannot be quickly verified as a qualified voter. It allows the person to vote and gives the Voter Registration office time after the election to verify if the person is eligible to vote. If they are not eligible to vote, it will register them as a voter and they will be ready for the next election.

15. Will my vote count if I vote a provisional ballot?

That will be determined by the Early Voting Ballot Board (EVBB). After the election, the information from the Provisional Voter Affidavit will be looked up by the Voter Registration Office. Depending on 1) the reason you voted by provisional ballot and 2) the outcome of the research by the Voter Registration office, the EVBB will make the decision to count the vote or not. Regardless of the outcome, you will be notified by mail.

16. I’m registered to vote in another county and live in Kaufman County; can I vote in the next election?

Yes, you can vote in this county on a Limited Ballot at the main Early Voting polling location.

17. What is a Limited Ballot?

A limited ballot is used when someone is currently registered to vote in another Texas county but has moved to another county. A person is allowed to vote in their new county, but is limited to vote only on the candidates/issues that would have also been on their previous county’s ballot. This will cancel your registration in the previous county and registers you in the current county. A limited ballot may only be voted on at the main Early Voting location and during the Early Voting period.

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