Weather Awareness


The Kaufman County Office of Emergency Management monitors severe and hazardous weather events for Kaufman County. In coordination and cooperation with  the National Weather Service (NWS) we provide notification of these events through our Emergency Notification System which activates the moment the NWS issues a Tornado or Flash Flood Warning. This notification will not have detailed information but rather serves to make our citizens aware of approaching potential or actual severe weather. It is up to individual citizens to tune into their local broadcast TV or radio stations to gain more complete information. This Emergency Notification System serves as our primary notification method. In conjunction with this system the NWS will use the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system which will activate on all cell phones in the warning area unless the individual has turned this function off on their phones.


Most if not all cities in Kaufman County have an Outdoor Warning Siren (OWS) system to alert those citizens outside so that they may go inside and tune into their local broadcast TV or radio station for further information or to take cover. This is considered a primary notification system for those outdoors and is not intended to reach those inside their homes or offices.


Social Media is NOT intended to be a primary or even secondary means of notification for weather events. While we do post to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to provide information it should not be anyone’s primary means of information. Everyone should be aware of potentially severe weather conditions that may be coming into Kaufman County days ahead of its actual arrival through local TV and radio stations.

 Please stay “Weather Aware” when potentially severe weather threatens our area.