Appellate Division

The Appellate Division prosecutor and paralegal handle the appellate litigation that arises out of Kaufman County criminal cases. Most defendants convicted after a trial appeal their convictions, and the appellate prosecutors defend those convictions by filing briefs and presenting oral argument in the various Texas courts of appeals and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. 


Their affirmance rate (the percentage of cases in which the judgment of conviction is upheld by the appellate courts) approaches 100% every year—a tribute to the experience and expertise of the Kaufman County trial prosecutors and judges.


In addition, the Appellate Division prosecutor represents the State in Writ of Habeas Corpus proceedings in which prison inmates seek to obtain new trials, sometimes many years after their convictions. They also assist the trial prosecutors when complex legal issues arise during trial court proceedings.

Appellate Division

Jennifer Ponder, Prosecutor

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Michelle Bork, Paralegal

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